Steve’s PFEW Newsletter

January 18, 2017

Steve Harley was doing great. He went to the perfect college, got a dream job in banking and finance, traveled the world with his buddies, had evenings and weekends off, not a bad gig all things considered. But he gave it all up. Now, he’s working 96 hours a week including nights and weekends, doesn’t travel, sleeps when he can, but he’s happier than he’s ever been. It might seem crazy to the average person, but Steve wouldn’t have it any other way. Today he is the President/Owner/CEO of Total

Pictured here is Steve at a recent trade show with his popular bubble machine!

Laundry Services in Destin, FL, a business he started in 2006 with one employee. Today, with 45 employees and a rapidly growing clientele, he is proud to say PFEW planted the entrepreneurial seed. Twenty years later, he laughs because he can still remember his company, D-2, but the things he remembers most from his week at PFEW are the confidence he gained in himself and the knowledge that if he worked hard, he could run his own company and be successful. Steve offered to share his story of motivation, struggles, tenacity, successes and failures to future PFEW students so that our next leaders of America could benefit from his journey. Thanks, Steve. You are living proof that the PFEW experience lasts a lifetime!


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